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Apna Paraya (अपना पराया)Own stranger (&) Divided into own
Apna Pan (हमारी बहन)Our sister
Apna Paraya Meaning In English

More Explain Of apna paraya

The word Apna Paraya is used to refer to a separable object, for example, you can use this word to distinguish one from the other, it is a word spoken in Hindi

You can point out by this word that there is usually a stranger in your family, and also you can point this word out to separate the branch from that tree.

Example Of Apna Paraya In English

  • Even though he has been with our family for so long, he keeps pointing out that he is a stranger from time to time.
  • At that company, I do the work of separating the seed from the fruit every day, and also the income for this is increasing.
  • Our district in that area has been isolated since last month.

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