Apna Sa Meaning In English • Contextual Examples & Definitions

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This article is an attempt to dispel your suspicion of Apna Sa Meaning In English. This word is a word used by Hindi-speaking people all over the world.

Apna Sa (अपना सा)Own (&) Owned
Apna Bataye (अपना बताये)Tell your (&) Have your say
Apna Sa Meaning In English

More Explain Of Apna Sa

This word refers to an object or human being that belongs to us, Same time the situation we are in will continue where the word is used.

Well, let’s look at the explanations for this word. All these examples we are going to look at are situational explanations also.

Definitions of Apna Sa

  • used with a possessive to emphasize that someone or something belongs or relates to the person or thing mentioned.
  • Something belonging to the person or thing mentioned.

English Examples of Apna Sa

  • They can’t handle their own children
  • Stephens’ language is very much his own
  • I used to design all my own clothes
  • He has published little, trivial things which he will not ‘Apna Sa‘ own
  • They claimed the work as their own
  • he was reluctant to own that he was indebted
  • The kitten is currently chasing her own tail
  • I was an outcast among my own kind
  • They can’t handle their own children
  • The style had its own charm

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