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This word My Jaan means my life, however, English and Hindi are mixed in your question.

The word My is English and the word Jaan is spoken in the Hindi language of life. Together these two mean the meaning of my life.

For example, as you say to your loved ones that you are my life. That is to say Meri Jaan in Hindi and my life in English.

However, you can find some examples of this, which will teach you a situational explanation.

My JaanMy Life
my jaan meaning in english
my jaan Photos in english

Best Example Of My Jaan

  • This life belongs to the Lord or is associated with Him.
  • yah Jivan Prabhu ka hai ya uske sath Juda Hua Hai
  • My mother is my life. I am going to live this life he got for himself.
  • Meri Maa Hi Mera Sab Kuch Hai, Main yah Jivan Jeene ja raha hun jo usne apne liye Paya Hai
  • If life is a thousand pains, there will be misery at the door. Therefore everything must be adapted and lived.
  • Jivan Mein hazar Karte Hain To Dwar per Dukh Hoga, Sab Kuchh anukulit aur Jina chahie.

Here are some synonyms and related terms for “my life” or phrases that can describe one’s life:

  • Existence: Referring to one’s being or life in a general sense.
  • Lifespan: The duration of a person’s life.
  • Life journey: Describing the path and experiences throughout one’s life.
  • Life story: Narrating the events and experiences that makeup one’s life.
  • Biography: Biography is a written record detailing the life of an individual.
  • Life history: An individual’s personal record of their life events.
  • Life experience: The accumulated knowledge and wisdom gained through living.
  • Life adventure: Refers to the exciting and challenging aspects of one’s life.
  • Lifetime: The entire duration of a person’s existence.
  • Life cycle: Describing the stages and phases of a person’s life from birth to death.
  • Journey through life: Emphasizing the ongoing and evolving nature of life.
  • Time on Earth: This refers to the period a person spends living on this planet.

Note: These synonyms and phrases can be used depending on the context and the specific aspect of life you want to convey or discuss.

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my jaan meaning in English

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