Panna Mudiyala Meaning In English • Contextual Examples

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Panna Mudiyala (பண்ண முடியல)Unable to do
Thanga Mudiyala (தாங்க முடியல)Can not tolerate
Sari Panna MudiyalaCan’t fix it
Panna Mudiyala Meaning In English • Definitions & Contextual Examples

More Explain Of Panna Mudiyala In English

You will find the meaning of this Tamil word ‘Panna Mudiyala‘ here and I have given many explanations to make it clear.

For example, this word is one of the most widely spoken words by Tamils all over the world. It is widely used in places where people work also.

Generally, when someone is working hard if he is ordered to do more work he will say that he is Unable to do as hard as he can. That is why the word is used.

It is customary for many to say ‘Panna Mudiyala Sami’ when working in general. The reason for that is that they are not able to do a job or work-related matter.

Examples Of Panna Mudiyala

  • No matter how hard I tried since this morning I could not make a phone call to him
  • I have already made fifty pots and now I am so tired I can’t even make a single pot.
  • That person is reluctant to work and says he can’t do any of the work I say also.

Well, guys (Panna Mudiyala Meaning In English) I have created this article on this skeptical coast and I hope it will help with many explanations for the context of when and where to use it.

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Panna Mudiyala Meaning In English

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