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Thanga Mudiyala (தாங்க முடியல) Can not tolerate
Panna Mudiyala (பண்ண முடியல)Unable to do
Thanga Mudiyala Meaning In English

More Explain Of Thanga Mudiyala In English

Because, these words, which cannot be tolerated and are called Ennala Thanga Mudiyala, are spoken by Tamils ​​with a focus on the Tamil language.

For example, this word is spoken by men at certain important moments. the word is also pronounced in moments of people and anger.

What Is an Example Of a Thanga Mudiyala

  • God could not bear the harassment of these mosquitoes, these mosquitoes are bothering you to stay up all night also.
  • Also, the harassment of these natives is unbearable and they are looking for us everywhere.

You can use this word in the happy moment when you are with your friends. For example, I can mention that I could not bear the speech that Ivan was giving. which would give humor

And sometimes this word can make many people angry, so when you use this word it is good to use this word thinking about the mood of others and your situation.

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