Apna Lena Meaning In English • Contextual Examples & Definitions

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I look forward to answering your question on this Apna Lena Meaning In English. I will also explain to you where to use this word.

This word is used to say buy an item from him or bulk. In particular, Apna means by us & we.

Apna Lena (अपना लेना)gets owned (&) Get ours
Apna Kaam (अपना काम)Own work
Apna Lena Meaning In English • Contextual Examples & Definitions

Despite learning the language, some words have multiple meanings so let’s look at contextual explanations for using this word Apna Lena.

Best Definitions Of Apna Lena

  • for example, come to have or hold (something); receive ours.
  • succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain.
  • I know I need all the sleep I can get and it is also very essential for good health.

Easy Examples Of Apna Lena Meaning

  • The thought came to me that she was not happy with the money she had lost, so I told her to take this money.
  • They are not going anywhere without my permission.
  • Get our form signed by that doctor.
  • it was nothing like the winters we get in Florida.

Reference Of Apna Lena Meaning In English

ShabdkoshMeaning HomeHinkhojApna Paraya

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apna lena meaning in english

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