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This Emigrant word meaning is one of the words of someone who leaves their country to settle in another country permanently.

aThis trade-off also helps to refer to certain organisms, an example would be the transition of a mosquito from its first body to its next body.

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emigrant meaning in english

Best Emigrants Definition

  • Because He was a Polish immigrant who came to Scotland during World War II.
  • mid 18th century: from Latin emigrant- ‘migrating from’, from the verb emigrate.
  • leave one’s own country in order to settle permanently in another.
  • For example, Rose’s parents emigrated to Australia.

Verb Word: Emigrants

  1. emigrate
  2. 3rd person present
  3. emigrates
  4. past tense
  5. emigrated
  6. past participle
  7. emigrated
  8. gerund or present participle
  9. emigrating
  10. move abroad
  11. move overseas
  12. leave one’s
  13. country migrate
  14. relocate
  15. resettle
  16. start a new life
  17. defect

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emigrant meaning in english

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