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The meaning of the word immigration is very simple, i.e. immigration or Emigration. However, it is important to know this with contextual explanations.

For example, we may have heard about passport immigration, as well as what this emigration means. Nevertheless, you can see the full details of what is currently immigration.

For example, Citizenship is required to move from one country to another. We can leave the country only if we have citizenship for this, this is what they call immigration.

immigration meaning in English

Immigration Meaning With Example

  • At the end of the year, these birds migrate to foreign lands.
  • There are greater controls on immigration than there used to be.
  • He is more eager to immigrate to that country than I am.
  • When you leave the plane you have to go through customs and immigration.
  • Leaving the country is not possible without proper citizenship.
  • the process of coming to live permanently in a country that is not your own; the number of people who do this.
  • the control point at an airport, port, etc. where the official documents of people who want to come into a country are checked.
  • Immigration
  • International migration
  • Migration
  • Deportation
  • Drinking
  • Leaving the country
  • Emigration
  • Travel abroad
  • Abroad

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immigration meaning in English

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