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The karma of a person describes the pleasures and sorrows he experiences in the life he is currently living, depending on the sinful deeds he has done in the life he has gone through.

bad karma means in English If you look at this very clearly, this karma is often spoken in all religions.

It also explains God’s blessing and the punishment and goodness that God gives us according to the good and bad things we do. Come see this clearly

Karma Meaning In English With Example

As we have seen above, we have realized that karma is our pre-existing sin and bliss. But let’s look at how we can live up to this with an example.

The first example is that due to pre-existing sin, it is said that instead of being born as a human being, something else is born as an animal. At the same time, even if you are born a human being, you will have to live a more painful life.

KarmaPrenatal verb
karma meaning in english

Perhaps, it is customary to say that we can live a good life in the present if our ancestors or we had done something pious in the past.

For example, in this life you are currently living, it is good to do good for others and live by sharing all the money and money we have and money and food.

It is the word of truth that all religions cherish, that if we engage in things like wiping away the next tear, we will live a good life by the grace of God in the generations to come.


karma quotes in English

  • Be honest it will come to you eventually like karma.
  • Nothing happens by accident, you create your own destiny by your action.
  • There are no things without reasons. This is the essence of karma.
  • Whether done unknowingly or unknowingly, whether it is wrong or right, it will definitely come back one day.
  • The charity you have done, the charity you have given, the respect you have given, the betrayal you have done, will definitely not join you! Life will never go away!
  • Do not act as if you are shedding tears, and those tears will add to the account of sin.
  • All the drama you stage in the lives of others, the day that happens to you is not far off. Start life. This is karma
  • Karmama confirms her existence by doing without anyone else who has dissolved the nest.
  • Do not be alarmed when God gives you difficulties, He does not give you difficulties to cause you to feel the fact that there are so many fake relationships around you.
  • People who persecute you will eventually correct themselves. If you have done the karma correctly, God will allow you to see.
  • What we do for others will come to us through another. Whether it is helpful or treacherous, that is what karma is.
  • Show love so that those who hate you will be ashamed. Fools know that we hate them.
  • Worship God daily and experience karma.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • Mistakes give experiences. Experiences reduce mistakes.

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