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Devangu is the Tamil name of this Loris animal, which is a bit strange to look at. This Devangu animal is a small mammal that stays awake at night looking for prey at night.

It looks a bit like an unrelated animal compared to other animals, although it is one of the first animals to have humans and apes.

It mostly lives among the trees in the rainforests of India as well as Sri Lanka. In size, it is a ‘Loris’ small animal measuring 18-26 cm in length and weighing 85-350 kg.

Thevangu Tamil Meaning In English Loris

Thevangu In English

Its eating habits are to eat insects, bird eggs, small lizards as well as sometimes leaf litter.

Approximately 166-169 days from gestation to 1-2 pups. Newborn pups are mammals at 6-7 months.

Some people also use it to refer to the soul. They also tease and plot some people with its image.

For example, you will say that you look like a Loris ‘Devangu‘, they consider this animal to be inferior in beauty.

Thus is called ‘Devangu’ to say that you are like the Loris. This can sometimes be funny and in some situations can make others angry.

So it is better to use this name in humans according to the situation.

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Thevangu in English

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