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The meaning of the word Jaanu means sweet. This word in particular is often used as a noun for women.

In India, you can find more women by the name of Janu. People with these names are often more loving and at the same time expecting more love.

In Hindi, Janu also means honey. Marking the object as if it were something tasty.

Jaanu meaning in English
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an excellent example of something of Jaan

  • Honey is a sweet, sticky yellow-brown liquid made from bees and other insects collected from flowers.
  • Today this sweet evening brings a very happy feeling of satisfaction or pleasure.

Synonyms Of Jaanu

  • enjoyable
  • pleasing
  • pleasurable
  • nice
  • agreeable
  • satisfying
  • gratifying
  • welcome
  • good
  • acceptable
  • to one’s liking
  • entertaining
  • amusing
  • diverting
  • delightful
  • charming
  • inviting
  • attractive
  • beautiful
  • fine
  • balmy
  • salubrious
  • bonny
  • couthy

Informal Of Jaanu:

  1. lovely
  2. great
  3. neat
  4. lekker

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Jaanu meaning in English

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