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The word Kya Matlab is a popular word spoken in Hindi. The explanation for this is very simple. What this means is the full explanation.

Even if you know this explanation, it is very important that you clearly know how to use it in Hindi according to the situation.

Kya Matlab – क्या मतलब है?What it means & what you say
kya matlab meaning in english
kya matlab Photo in english

How to speak using the word Kya Matlab? Also provided below are contextual explanations for that, let’s learn.

Situational Explanations Of Kya Matlab In English

  • What does it mean for that political leader to keep talking on stage?
  • Use rajnitik Neta ke Manch per baat karte Rahane ka Tumse kya matlab hai?
  • What is the meaning of many lines in the poems written by that poet? I have been confused many times.
  • Kavi dwara likhi Gayi Kavita Mein kai panktiyon ka kya Arth hai? Kai bar bhramit ho chuka hun.

More Explain

kya Matlab main Samjha NahiI do not understand what that means!
kya matlabWhat do you say?
kya matlab haiWhat does this mean?
  1. मेरा क्या मतलब है मुझे समझ नहीं आ रहा है?
  2. mera kya matlab hai mujhe samajh Nahin a raha hai
  1. आपका मतलब क्या है?
  2. aapka matlab kya hai
  1. इसका क्या मतलब है?
  2. iska kya matlab hai
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For most of your doubts, use

kya matlab meaning in englishh

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