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The word meri jaan is spoken in Hindi. The meaning of this word is my life.

However, it is also used a lot to talk about the place of the mind. For example, meri Jaan means you are my life.

It is a word that is often spoken among lovers, so it is important to know any language and its use according to the situation, even after we know its meaning.

Meri Jaan “मेरी जान”My life
Jaan lo “जान लो”know it
meri jaan meaning in english
Omage meri jaan

So let’s look at this word mera jaan with contextual explanations.

Contextual explanations

  • I have visited many countries in my life and the memory of them has filled my whole life.
  • Mene Apne Jivan Mein kai deshon ka Daura kiya hai aur Unki Yad Ne Mera pura Jivan Bhar Diya Hai
  • I have so much love for you, in fact you are my life
  • Mujhe Tujhse bahut pyar hai Asal Mein Tu Hi Meri Jaan Hai

Translations Words

  1. life, existence, lifemanship
  2. lifetime, soul
  3. vitality, spirit, vital breath, vital air
  4. birth, nativity, genesis
  5. soul, being, animal
  6. biography, personalia, story
  7. soul, spirit, psyche, lifemanship
  8. passion, zeal, enthusiasm, fervor, incandescence

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meri jaan meaning in english

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