Naam Apna Meaning In English • Contextual Examples & Definitions

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The answer to your question Naam Apna Meaning In English is very simple, the answer is what is your name. Contextual interpretation of this word, however, is essential.

So the full meaning of this word can now be seen. It is a word spoken in the general Hindi language. Naam means name, Apna means we or you.

Naam Apna (नाम अपना)Your name
Apna Ghar (अपना घर)Own home (&) Our own house
Naam Apna Meaning In English • Contextual Examples & Definitions

More Explain Of Naam Apna

To hear what is your name will simply ask ‘aap ka Naam kya hai’ in Hindi. But, then the suspicion may come as to why Naam Apna says, let us see what is the reason for it.

In general, the meaning of some words may change when we speak, as it were. For example, it is customary to ask what one’s hometown is, to ask us what our hometown is.

Similarly, the meaning of the word Naam Apna. Apna means ours and the person in front of you becomes very close when you use it.

Context Definitions Of Naam Apna ‘Meaning’

  • A set of words or phrases that are known, addressed, or referred to help identify a person, animal, place, or object.
  • Generally, a person or business product, having a widely known name.
  • For example, specify something desired, recommended, or determined (an amount, time, or place).

Examples Of Naam Apna

  • the sea is as crystal clear as any spot in the Caribbean you might care to name.
  • he set up a school that also gained a name for excellence.
  • Generally, countless specialized name brands geared to niche markets?

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