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The meaning of the Hindi word Tumse Matlab is very simple. What this means is that I have no understanding with you.

Tumse MatlabNone Of Your Business
Tumse Matlab meaning in english
Tumse Matlab image in english
Tumse Kiya Matlabतुमसे क्या मतलबwhat do you mean?
Tumse Matlabतुमसे मतलबNone of your damned business!
Tumse koi matlab Nahinतुमसे कोई मतलब नहीं!You don’t mean anything!

Usually when we look for an explanation for a language or a particular word, we get a very brief description of it.

However, it is also important to learn to use it appropriately for the occasion. Therefore in this post, we can clearly see the meanings of the word Tumse Kiya Matlab and the explanation for using it in context.

More Examples Of Tumse Matlab In English:

  • I do my job every day and you are going to get me an understanding of what is going on.?
  • Main Har din Apna Kam karta hun aur Mujhe Tumse Matlab ki kya ho raha hai?
  • What do I need with you as I walk my path?
  • Apne Raste per Chalte hue Mujhe aapke sath kya Matlab?

Examples of meaning Tumse Matlab

  1. she gave Gabriel a meaningful look
  2. the meaning of the word “Tumse Matlab”
  3. he gave me a look full of meaning
  4. this can lead to new meaning in the life of older people
  5. it was as if time had lost all meaning

Top 10 Similar words For Tumse Matlab:

  1. definition & meaningful
  2. sense & significant
  3. explanation & pointed
  4. denotation & eloquent
  5. connotation & expressive
  6. interpretation & pregnant
  7. elucidation & speaking
  8. explication & telltale
  9. revealing & suggestive
  10. meaning

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Tumse Matlab meaning in english

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